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 +====== Adding a Windows Network Printer ======
 +  * From the taskbar select the **Start Button** then search for **Printers and Scanners** ​
 +  * Select **Add a printer or scanner** from the top of the window ​
 +  * If on Windows 7, select **Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer**
 +  * Select your printer from the list 
 +    * Check label on printer for appropriate printer name
 +    * All printers on campus follow this established naming convention. ​
 +  * A list of all campus printers can be found [[printer_locations|here]]
 +  * If the printer you want is not listed select **The printer that I want isn’t listed**
 +  * Enter in the printer name you wish to add in the format \\printvs02\printername and select next
 +  * Select **Finish**