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 +====== Enabling Presenter View for Confidence Monitor ======
 +NOTE:  Presenter View can only be enabled for use on the confidence monitor with the integrated lectern computer.
 +Laptop computers will only display presenter notes on their internal screen if configured for Presenter View.
 +On the integrated lectern computer in the Norden Auditorium:
 +  * Right-click on any blank space on the lectern computer'​s desktop and select **Screen Resolution** from the context menu that comes up
 +  * A new window will open showing you the current appearance of displays
 +  * There will be four dropdown boxes with titles //​Display//,​ //​Resolution//,​ //​Orientation//​ & //Multiple displays//
 +  * Change the //Multiple Displays// dropdown box to **Extend these displays**
 +  * The screen will flicker for a moment and then you will have a confirmation box asking if you would like to keep the change you have just made, click **Keep Changes**
 +    * If you do not click **Keep Changes** within 15 seconds the display settings will revert to the original settings
 +  * Tap the touch screen to minimize the preview window and return to the Crestron Controls
 +  * On the right hand side of the screen below //Select PC Output to Monitor// press the **Desktop** button on the touchscreen
 +To revert changes to their original configuration,​ change the Multiple displays dropdown box in the display settings back to **Duplicate these displays**