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Nortel CallPilot v5.0 Installation

CallPilot provides the ability to listen to voicemail messages through your Microsoft Outlook email client in the form of an audio playback. CallPilot should be used to listen to voicemails only. Please continue to use your phone if you wish to use features such as forward and/or reply to messages received. This documentation will apply to new CallPilot client installs as well as upgrading from a previous version: :!: Please ensure that Outlook is closed prior to running the install.

  1. Please ensure that Outlook is closed prior to running the install.
  2. Also ensure that 32-bit Microsoft Office is installed (not 64-bit)
    1. To do so, open an office application.
    2. Select File, followed by Help
    3. Look for 32-bit (or 64-bit)
      1. If 64-bit Office is installed, call or email the IT Help Desk to reinstall with a 32-bit version.
  3. CTRL+Click the following link to execute the installation file: \\fsvs01\applications\Public\Nortel\CallPilotDesktop\v5.00.41.167\Desktop\setup.exe
  4. Select OK to open the file at the warning popup
  5. If Callpilot is already installed, a popup window will inform you that the install will perform an upgrade. Select Yes to continue.
  6. Click Next at the Welcome Install Shield Wizard
  7. Select Complete for the setup type and click Next
  8. Once the installation has completed, click Finish
  9. If you are upgrading your version of CallPilot, Outlook will retain the mailbox and password settings
  10. For new client installs:
    1. You’ll need to “Add CallPilot to Default Mail Profile”
      1. This can be found under Start > All Programs > Avaya > CallPilot Desktop Messaging
    2. Upon opening Outlook, you will be prompted to enter your mailbox number and password.
  11. Type in your four digit extension and your current voicemail password.
  12. The CallPilot Desktop Messaging inbox will appear on the left side of your Outlook folders list. The CallPilot Inbox will appear in bold when a new voice message is received.