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Cross Registered Students

Contacting Information Technology

Cross registered students can contact Information Technology for technical support by sending an email to Information Technology can also be contacted by telephone, while the department is open, at ext 2430 or 781-292-2430 from off campus. Our Help Desk walk up window is open whenever the department is. Please feel free to stop by with questions or suggestions. Current hours during which the department is open can be found on the homepage.

IT Services

All cross registered students will be issued a network account and an Olin email account that forwards to their home college account. Your network account will give you the ability to print and access network shares on campus. Please stop by the Help Desk in the lower level of Milas Hall , MHLL12, to get your account activated and receive your username.

Each student is allotted private storage space on the student file server (fsvs01). This storage is provided to students as an academic resource and should be used for this purpose only. This server also holds a public folder which is shared by the entire Olin community and a folder named stufac which is accessible to students and faculty.

If you require access to networked engineering applications or network shares while off campus, you can use our Virtual Private Network to connect to the Olin network once you have established internet access. VPN client software for windows is available for download to your personal computer on our portal, and you can obtain a user name and password by sending an email request to

There is a computer lab located on the lower level Milas Hall MHLL22. The lab is locked 24/7, but you can access this area at anytime with your Olin ID card. Your network credentials will give you full access to all engineering applications as well as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat Pro and Dreamweaver which are installed on these computers. There is a 42in wide poster printer in the lab for curriculum use and a full color Ricoh printer copier.

Internet Access

You can plug your laptop into any active jack on campus to get internet connectivity. You can also connect to our wireless network by using your network credentials when prompted. You can find more information about connecting to our wireless network under the network documentation on the IT wiki.

Network Printers

There are many network printers on campus that are available for student printing. There is a color network printers on the second and third floor of the Academic Center and networked b/w printers on the first and fourth floors. For a complete list of available printers as well as directions on adding a network printer and printing to network printers from your personal laptop, see here.  

Olin Portal

Please visit our new portal at: Login using your network username and password and click on the student tab for access to our Student Information System. You can also find calendar information and links to important urls on campus. You can download VPN software directly from the portal by going to the Campus Life Tab and choosing Information Technology page from the left column.

Accessing the Course Management System

Olin College uses Blackboard as its course management system. If you are enrolled in a class where the professor is using Blackboard, you will be auto enrolled.

  1. To get to Blackboard, point your browser to
  2. Click on Login
  3. Enter your network credentials
    • Network username and password

Olin Listservs

Browse our public listservs and sign up to be part of many discussions on campus:

Network shares

May be accessed at Run(Windows Key + R) and enter \\fsvs01. You will be prompted for your network credentials which should be entered as\firstinitiallastname.

Printers may be accessed at Start→run and enter \\printvs01. Again you will be prompted for your network credentials.