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Engineering Equation Solver - EES

As with all other applications, we recommend that you uninstall any existing versions of EES or FChart

Installation Instructions

  1. IE users may click the following link to copy the EES.DFT and EES_Manual.pdf files to the EES directory on your computer, for any browser you will need to copy & paste it into the Run box (Windows Key + R): \\stuapp\netapps\EES\2011\ees-update.bat
  2. IE users may click on the following link to begin the EES 2011-2012 software installation, for any browser you will need to copy & paste it into the Run box (Windows Key + R): \\stuapp\netapps\EES\2011\setup_ees.exe
  3. Click Run in the Open File – Security Warning window
  4. Click Next in the Welcome screen
  5. Click Next to continue
  6. Click Next to install into the default directory: C:\EES32
    1. NOTE: Do Not change the default installation directory
  7. In the Select Components window:
    1. Select Install 3D plotting capability if you wish to use this feature.
      1. NOTE: This may not work well with all video drivers. If you encounter trouble with this

feature, you will need to reinstall the application and uncheck this option.

  1. The other features are checked by default
    1. NOTE: If you had a previous version installed and modified your Units.txt or Constants.txt files, you may wish to keep them as is and not have them overwritten by

the defaults. Uncheck the options as appropriate for your use.

  1. Click Next
  2. Click Next in the Ready to Install window
  3. Click Finish in the Installation Completed window
  4. You should receive an error indicating that your EES.DFT file is either missing or corrupt – this is the licensing file necessary for the application to run. Click OK to close the window