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 ====Thunderbird==== ====Thunderbird====
 ==Address Book=== ==Address Book===
-To set up your address book, go to** Edit -> Preferences****Composition** tab, **Addressing** tab. Click **Edit Directories**..., click **Add**+To set up your address book, you will need to install a couple add-ons. Go to** Tools*** **-> Add-ons****Extensions** tabsearch for //tbsync//. In the new window ​click **Add to Thunderbird** to the right of the option ​**TbSync**. Thunderbird will download ​the add-on, then ask if you want to install it; click **Install**. Search for //exchange activesync//​ and follow the same instructions ​to install ​**Provider for Exchange ActiveSync**.
-  ​Name: ''​Exchange''​ +
-  ​Hostname: ''​ldaps.olin.edu''​ +
-  ​Base DN: ou=''​people'',​dc=''​olin'',​dc=''​edu''​ +
-  ​Port number: ''​3269''​ +
-  * Bind DN: ''​MILKYWAY''​\[your username] +
-  * Under the **advanced** tab, ensure that login method is set to **simple**. +
-Select ​**OK**, then check **Directory Server**: and select ​the **Exchange** address book.+*//If you don't see the top bar that contains ​**Tools**, hit Alt//. 
 +To set up your Outlook account through TbSync, go to either **Tools -> Add-on Options -> TbSync** or **Tools -> Synchronization Settings (TbSync)**. At the bottom of the window go to **Account actions -> Add new account -> Exchange ActiveSync**,​ go to **Custom Configuration**, then fill out the requested fields: 
 +  ​Account name: ''​Outlook''​ 
 +  ​User name (email address): //Your UPN in the form of ''​jstudent@olin.edu''//​ 
 +  ​Password: //Your Olin network password//​ 
 +  ​Server address''​outlook.office365.com''​ 
 +Click **Add account**. In the **Synchronization status** tab, check to **Enable ​and synchronize this account**. This will bring up a list of what you can sync -- check **Contacts**,​ and check whatever calendars you want to access. At the bottom of the window, click **Synchronize now**. Wait for the status next to each option you checked to read OK, then close the window and restart Thunderbird.
 ===Calendar=== ===Calendar===