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   *[[32_or_64|Do I need 32 or 64 bit installations?​]]   *[[32_or_64|Do I need 32 or 64 bit installations?​]]
-  *[[tech_guide|Technology and Services Guide]]+  *[[student_tech_guide|Student ​Technology and Services Guide]]
   *[[off_domain_profile_access|Access to domain profile after removal]]   *[[off_domain_profile_access|Access to domain profile after removal]]
   *[[access_nondomain_computers|Accessing non domain systems]]   *[[access_nondomain_computers|Accessing non domain systems]]
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   *[[EOS_Reminders|End of Semester Reminders]]   *[[EOS_Reminders|End of Semester Reminders]]
   *[[grad_student_info|Graduating Students - Important Information!]]   *[[grad_student_info|Graduating Students - Important Information!]]
 +  *[[laptop_warranty|Dell Laptop Warranty]]
   *[[off_campus_dell_support|Off-Campus Dell Hardware Support]]   *[[off_campus_dell_support|Off-Campus Dell Hardware Support]]
   *[[remove_computer_from_domain|Removing your computer from the olin.edu domain]]   *[[remove_computer_from_domain|Removing your computer from the olin.edu domain]]
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   *[[submit_helpdesk_request|Submitting a Help Desk Request]]   *[[submit_helpdesk_request|Submitting a Help Desk Request]]
   *[[visiting_faculty|Visiting and Adjunct Faculty Services]]   *[[visiting_faculty|Visiting and Adjunct Faculty Services]]
-  *[[win7_quickref|Windows 7 Quick Reference Card]] 
   *[[windows_updates|Windows Automatic Updates]]   *[[windows_updates|Windows Automatic Updates]]
   *[[windows_8|Windows 8 at Olin]]   *[[windows_8|Windows 8 at Olin]]
 +  *[[windows_10|Windows 10]] 
 +  ​