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Nortel Networks Extranet Client Installation & Use


These instructions are designed to assist you with the installation of Nortel Networks’ Extranet client application. This client application allows users to securely connect to Olin’s campus network from off campus using a VPN tunnel. It will allow access to all resources that are normally accessible to you when on campus using your Olin network account. Please keep in mind that this application is only to be used by members of the Olin community who have a current valid network account. Please also note that prior to connecting to the VPN users should be up to date on the latest security patches and have an up to date antivirus package.

Software installation (XP/Win7)

On Campus

The client installation may be loaded by going to RUN (Windows Key + R) and pasting the following link into the Run box and pressing OK: \\fsvs01\Applications\PUBLIC\Nortel\Extranet\Current

Select the correct installation depending on your operating system. If you're not sure if you have a 32 bit or 64 bit operating system, please refer to this page

You may receive an alert dialog box asking if you are sure you wish to open the file, answer OK and the installer will launch.

Tunnel Type should be set to: IPSEC. Destination should be set to:

Off Campus

You may also retrieve the installation file from the Portal (  Click on the Campus Life tab followed by the Information Technology link located on the left hand side of the page.  Under the Downloads section on the right hand of the page you will find the link to the installation file.

Using your VPN Client software: Getting Started.

  1. Once your system has restarted, double click on the Contivity VPN Client icon on your desktop.
  2. Enter the username & password provided to you by the Information Technology Department. :!: This is not your regular username and password.  
  3. Click Connect.
  4. If you do not have a password protected screen saver configured to activate within 10 minutes of inactivity, you will be prompted to configure before being allowed to continue.
    1. Right click on the Desktop and select Personalize
    2. Select the Screen saver tab
    3. Select a Screen Saver from the drop down box
    4. Check to On resume, display logon screen
    5. Set the Wait time to 10 minutes or less
    6. Click OK
  5. Return to the Contivity VPN Client screen and connect again.  This time you should see a banner window with a warning indicating that it is for authorized use only.  Click OK
  6. Click OK to continue on the next window that pops up(you may select the Do not show this message in the future box if you wish)
  7. You are now securely connected to the Olin Campus network via the VPN
  8. At this point, you should be prompted to change your password from the default if this was the first time that you have logged on or if your password was just reset.   
    1. Enter your old (current password)
    2. Enter your new password (minimum of 8 characters, must be a combination of numbers and letters)
    3. Enter your new password again to confirm
    4. Click OK
  9. You can now browse the network and access network resources as if you were actually on a computer connected on campus