Graduating Student Notice

Olin Accounts

  • Enroll your network account at as you will continue to be responsible for managing this account for access to the Olin portal
  • Network permissions, VPN, and any SSH accounts will remain active for approximately eight weeks after graduation. Specific dates will be sent out in a graduating student email. At this time, all of these accounts and permissions will become inaccessible.
  • All students who will be taking additional classes, working on completing necessary coursework for graduation requirements, or working for Olin in some capacity over the summer, must have their manager or professor contact us prior to this time if you will require access to resources beyond that date.

Email Accounts

New this year!

All graduating students will be issued an alumni email address approximately 3 or 4 weeks after graduation. Once created, this will become your primary email address. All email sent to your alumni address as well as your student email addresses will be forwarded for approximately 8 weeks to the personal email address that you have provided to the Advancement office. After that date, your address will no longer exist. A graduating student email will be sent out with specific dates.

What this means to you

  • Your student mailbox will become your alumni mailbox so you will retain full access to past emails as well as the ability to send new emails from
  • The forwarding set up for your Olin email is your choice. If you prefer to remove the forwarding and continue to manage your Olin alumni email in your current mailbox, you can update that forwarding on the O365 portal Use the search feature on the portal for forwarding help.
  • You will be issued a new alumni address of
  • You will retain your current email address of
  • Your will cease to exist after approximately 8 weeks.
  • You will continue to log into the Office 365 portal with your current log on of


  • You should backup and remove all of your files and folders from all network resources. This includes your personal network storage space, public, sandbox, and any group folders.
  • All graduating student data, including personal folders, web folders, etc. will be purged from network resources approximately eight weeks after graduation.
  • If you are listed as the owner of a mailman list you must transfer ownership to a student who will be returning to Olin in the fall.

:!: Once purged, data will no longer be available or recoverable.


  • Your Dell laptop's warranty and complete care policy will expire mid-July.
  • If you will be in the general area, we can continue to service your laptop until the warranty expires, otherwise, you may contact Dell directly to have an onsite service technician dispatched for service.

Laptop Computer Accounts and Domain Membership

  • IT recommends you bring your laptop to the helpdesk to have it reimaged with a “graduating senior” account which will wipe out all existing information and give you a clean install of Windows 10.
  • If you do not wish to reimage, we recommend removing your computer from the Olin domain and configuring it for your own workgroup/domain after graduation.

Be sure you have a working local administrator account

    • Note: Once you remove your computer from the Olin domain, your cached domain account will no longer be accessible. However, you will still be able to access the data within the profile using a local administrator account.
    • IT will not provide the password currently associated with the IT administrator account.
    • It is imperative that you verify that you have a working local user account with full administrative privileges on your laptop. This can be done by using the Computer management tool located in the Administrative Tools section of Control Panel. If you require assistance before leaving campus, contact the IT Help Desk.


You are no longer licensed to use any Olin owned/licensed software including:

  • Olin site licensed software such as Matlab and Solidworks
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection - you should have a personal copy of antivirus software
  • All programs that are licensed for the cloud from Microsoft and Adobe will stop functioning as the licensing will be expired. Be sure to move any cloud files to a more accessible personal location

If you have questions or require any assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk by email at or by telephone at 781‐292‐2430 for support.