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Hand Held Support Policy

As more of our community members purchase multifunction hand held devices such as Palms, Treos, Blackberries, etc. it is important that the support of these devices is addressed. The College does not have a standard, required device due to the personal nature of these devices. Screen size, features (phone, e-mail, camera, etc), price, weight, and desired content all play a role in the selection of the device. Therefore, it is unlikely that there is a one size fits all solution. In situations where a device is required by the College, such as Information Technology, the current supported device is the Blackberry.

For devices other than the supported Blackberry, Information Technology will provide the information necessary to support integration with the College’s Exchange system (outgoing email, incoming email, calendaring, etc.) For support of all device specific features such as call forwarding, key combinations, speed dial, unique keys, etc please see the documentation provided by the device vendor. This documentation is often in the format of pdfs on their main web site, CDs or DVDs that arrived with the device, manuals or quick start guides. If you have any questions about this service please contact Information Technology 9/2005