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 ====== Hand Held Support Policy ====== ====== Hand Held Support Policy ======
-As more of our community members purchase multifunction hand held devices such as Palms, ​ + 
-Treos, Blackberries,​ etc. it is important that the support of these devices is addressed.  ​The  +The Olin College ​IT Help Desk assists with portable ​devices in conjunction with Olin College ​resources ​such as WiFi and emailWe do not offer assistance ​with cell phone maintenance ​or any other non-Olin related portable ​device ​needs. If you have any questions ​pertaining to Olin mobile ​service ​that aren't covered in the [[Mobile]] section, feel free to email the IT Help Desk at [[helpdesk@olin.edu]] or call (during operating hours) at 781-292-2430.
-College ​does not have a standard, required device due to the personal nature of these devices.   +
-Screen size, features (phone, e-mail, camera, etc), price, weight, and desired content all play a  +
-role in the selection of the device. ​ Therefore, it is unlikely that there is a one size fits all  +
-solution. In situations where a device is required by the Collegesuch as Information Technology,  +
-the current supported device is the Blackberry +
-   +
-For devices other than the supported Blackberry, Information Technology will provide the  +
-information necessary to support integration ​with the College’s Exchange system (outgoing email,  +
-incoming email, calendaring,​ etc.)  For support of all device specific features such as call  +
-forwarding, key combinations,​ speed dial, unique keys, etc please see the documentation  +
-provided by the device vendor. ​ This documentation is often in the format of pdfs on their main +
-web site, CDs or DVDs that arrived with the device, manuals or quick start guides   +
-If you have any questions ​about this service ​please contact ​helpdesk@olin.edu. ​ +
-Information Technology 9/​2005 ​+