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Services offered by the Helpdesk

Audio Visual Services Support

The Help Desk offers support of classroom equipment, lending of equipment, use of equipment, support of events. Off hours support by advance reservation. Send email to

Course Support

Includes maintenance of Blackboard system, web space for faculty, shared network space upon request. Send email to with details of your request including requirements, course name, etc.

Help Desk Support Services

Includes student laptop program support, loaners, imaging, repair, telephony services walk in services and by appointment services. Send email to, call 781-292-2430, or go the the lower level of Milas Hall.

UNIX and Linux Support Services

Includes student laptop program support, application support as well as faculty, staff and student project support. Currently only the latest release of the Ubuntu distribution is supported. Send email to

Windows Support Services

Includes account requests, password changes, MS Exchange e-mail, contact and calendars, applications support such as Microsoft Office. Send email to or call 781-292-2430.

Network Services Support

Includes requests for aliases, ip addresses, routing, virus control, port activation, port add moves and changed, VPN accounts and configuration. Send email to or call 781-292-2430.