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-====== Important Service ​Information ​======+====== Important Service ​Announcements ​====== 
 +=====Additional Office 365 Applications Available===== 
 +We have made a number of additional Office 365 applications available for use through the Office 365 portal (portal.office.com). In the spirit of experimentation,​ these applications are provided with very limited support from Olin IT staff. We encourage you to explore these applications! [[o365_online_apps|Please see here for more information.]] 
 +=====Campus Network Wiring Work Starting April 22, 2019===== 
 +Starting Monday, April 22, you will see technicians from MTS Services installing new network cabling in hallways, vestibules, and other public spaces, over a period of 5-6 weeks. This work will support an upgraded campus security camera system. [[201904-network-wiring|See more information]]
 =====Office 365 Online and Microsoft OneDrive Deployment===== =====Office 365 Online and Microsoft OneDrive Deployment=====
-Microsoft Office Online and Microsoft OneDrive were made available to Olin faculty and staff on Thursday, ​January ​17, 2019. These tools will be made available to Olin students after January 22, 2019.+Microsoft ​**Office Online** and Microsoft ​**OneDrive** were made available to the Olin community in January, 2019. ([[office365|See more information about Office 365.]])
 =====Blackboard LMS End-of-Service===== =====Blackboard LMS End-of-Service=====