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 +===== Windows 7 End of Support - January 14, 2020 =====
 +==== Overview====
 +On January 14, 2020, [[https://​www.microsoft.com/​en-us/​microsoft-365/​windows/​end-of-windows-7-support|Microsoft is ending support for the Windows 7 and operating system]]. Once support ends, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for computers using Windows 7.  As a result, any system not upgraded to Windows 10 will be an increased security risk.
 +If you have a Windows 7 computer, please fill out this [[https://​forms.office.com/​Pages/​ResponsePage.aspx?​id=0FRi_5BGikakrYKKzju2aOI9mgJsiBRNi29q5Rki7iNUQ09ONUpKU0owUDBUNVEwSkNYNkdNRTQ1VS4u|form]] so that our IT Department can work with you address it.  Note: you will need to login to the O365 portal if not already logged in.
 +==== What do I do if I have a Windows 7 machine? ====
 +  * Users who are due for a replacement system and have been contacted by the IT Help Desk will have their existing system replaced with a new Windows 10 system.
 +  * If your system is not due for replacement,​ we will need to schedule an upgrade to Windows 10.  Please fill out the form in link above to notify us.
 +  * If you have a system with special circumstances that must remain on Windows 7, we're happy to consult with you to determine the best solution for your needs. ​ Please fill out the form above.
 +==== What happens if I don't upgrade by January 14, 2020? ====
 +=== Increased Security Risk ===
 +  * Your computer will be at an increased risk of infection by malicious software.
 +  * Other Windows 7 computers on the network will also be at risk if another computer is infected.
 +=== Network Connectivity Not Guaranteed ===
 +If the IT Department is made aware of a major vulnerability in Windows 7, we may block all unpatched Windows 7 machines from the network as a precautionary measure.
 +==== How do I know if I have a Windows 7 computer? ====
 +Please reference the following Microsoft information: ​ [[https://​support.microsoft.com/​en-us/​help/​13443/​windows-which-version-am-i-running|Which version of Windows operating system am I running?]]
 +If you have any questions and/or concerns about this necessary upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, please contact the IT Help Desk.