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MATLAB License Info

Olin's network license only supports a limited number of licenses for each toolbox:

Count Product
145 Simulink
5 Communications Toolbox
50 Control System Toolbox
15 Curve Fitting Toolbox
10 DSP System Toolbox
95 Data Acquisition Toolbox
50 Image Processing Toolbox
1 Instrument Control Toolbox
31 Matlab Coder
5 Optimization Toolbox
10 Partial Differential Equation Toolbox
5 RF Toolbox
31 Real-Time Windows Target
50 Signal Processing Toolbox
5 SimMechanics
5 Simscape
31 Simulink Coder
50 Simulink Control Design
5 Statistics Toolbox
145 Symbolic Math Toolbox

If the maximum number of licenses for a particular toolbox has been reached and you try to check out one of these toolboxes you will receive an error similar to the following:

License checkout failed.
License Manager Error -4
Maximum number of users for Curve_Fitting_Toolbox reached.
Try again later.

You will need to wait for one of these licenses to be checked back in before you may use the toolbox.