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   * [[office365_ios_email_setup|Setting Up O365 Olin Email on your iOS Device]]   * [[office365_ios_email_setup|Setting Up O365 Olin Email on your iOS Device]]
 +=====  Office 365 Applications =====
 +Office 365 application installs are available for the community to  upgrade the installed Office applications on Windows systems. Here is a link to a batch file that will upgrade your local install to the Office 365 suite, which will also integrate ​ with OneDrive, Teams other applications as they  are rolled out. To upgrade make sure your data is saved, your applications are closed and that you budget an ~ hour to install the software. Copy the following link to the Run window and right click and run Office365-install.cmd :
 +items for your attention:
 +  * pinned shortcuts will  break, so you should take note and delete them and then recreate them after you have installed the O365 Office applications.
 +  *  Installs of Visio and Project (for faculty and staff) will also be uninstalled during this process, Contact the IT Help desk to have them re- installed.
 +  * Indexing the newly installed software might take a few minutes or may need a restart.
  ​=====Support and FAQs =====  ​=====Support and FAQs =====