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Office 365: Installation

To install the current version of the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) on your computer, please see the appropriate instructions below. Before performing an install or upgrade, please make sure your data is saved, and all applications are closed. Installation may take approximately one hour to complete.

Faculty/Staff/Student Olin Windows Laptops: On-Campus

After logging into your computer, from the Start Menu, select Run… and copy this server location into the window, and click OK:


Office 365 application installs are available for the community to upgrade the installed Office Suite applications on Windows systems. Here is a link to a batch file that will upgrade your local install to the Office 365 suite, which will also integrate with OneDrive, Teams other applications as they are rolled out. To upgrade make sure your data is saved, your applications are closed and that you budget an ~ hour to install the software. Copy the following link to the Run window and right click and run Office365-install.cmd :


items for your attention:

  • pinned shortcuts will break, so you should take note and delete them and then recreate them after you have installed the O365 Office applications.
  • Installs of Visio and Project (for faculty and staff) will also be uninstalled during this process, Contact the IT Help desk to have them re- installed.
  • Indexing the newly installed software might take a few minutes or may need a restart.

Faculty/Staff/Student Olin Mac Laptops: On-Campus

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Faculty/Staff/Student Olin Laptops: Off-Campus

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