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-Depending ​on your phone manufacturer and cell phone carrier; getting into the Exchange email +From the Home screen ​on your iPhone:
-configuration may be under **Accounts, Corporate Sync**, or **Email** or other menu item usually located under **Settings** or the **Application** List. +
-You should have some or all of the following fields that need to be filled in with the format as you see +
-  * Email Address: ''​jstudent@olin.edu''​ +  ​- Go to **Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Add Account...** 
-  * Server ​address''​outlook.office365.com ​. +  - Select **Microsoft Exchange** 
-  * Domain: ''​olin.edu''​ +   
-  Username: ''​jstudent@olin.edu''​ +    ​* Email: ''​jstudent@olin.edu''​ 
-  * Password: //Your network password//​ +    * Server: outlook.office365.com 
-  * Require SSL: **Yes**+     
 +This will take you to a login.microsoftonline.com screen which will show your UPN and ask for a password: 
 +    ​UPN: ''​jstudent@olin.edu''​ 
 +    * Password: //Your network password//​ 
 +Then select the services you would like to sync. Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders (Tasks on outlook) all work.