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-[[important_service_information| Important Service ​Information ​]]+[[important_service_information| Important Service ​Announcements]]
 [[scheduled_maintenance | Scheduled Maintenance ]] [[scheduled_maintenance | Scheduled Maintenance ]]
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-**IT Hours:​** ​8AM-6PM Monday-Friday during the regular school year.\\ ​+**IT Hours:​** ​8:30 AM-5:30 PM Monday-Friday during the regular school year.\\ ​
 **Location:​** Milas Hall, suite LL10\\ ​ **Location:​** Milas Hall, suite LL10\\ ​
 **Email:** [[helpdesk@olin.edu|helpdesk@olin.edu]]\\ ​ **Email:** [[helpdesk@olin.edu|helpdesk@olin.edu]]\\ ​