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Configuring WIFI in OS X


These instructions were written for Macintosh OS X 10.6; the steps may be different for previous versions of OS X.   

  1. Select the AirPort icon in the top tray of the Menu bar
    1. Turn on wireless if it is not already turned on
    2. Select Open Network Preferences…
  2. Click the Advanced button
  3. Select the 802.1X tab
  4. Click the + to Add User Profile
    1. Give your new 802.1x User Profile an appropriate name
  5. User Name: <your network account>
    1. Your network account is your first initial last name.  If your name were Joseph Student, your network account would be jstudent.  For this window you would fill in:
  6. Password:  your network account password
  7. Do not select Always prompt for password
  8. Select PEAP authentication, leave the rest turned off.
  9. Do not configure any settings for the Authentication
  10. Do not configure any Trust relationship.  These need to be left blank.
  11. Select one of the Wireless Networks from the  drop down box (OLIN_XX where XX is the name of the building that you are in)
  12. Security Type: WPA2 Enterprise
  13. Click OK
  14. Click Apply
  15. Select the network that you wish to join from the drop down box, a prompt will appear asking you to input credentials.  
    1. Leave the User Name & Password fields blank
    2. Under the 802.1X drop down box select the User Profile that you just created
      1. If this user profile does not show you did not click Apply on the previous window
      2. This will auto fill in the appropriate credentials you wish to connect with
  16. Click OK
  17. If prompted for a password use your domain password

You will need to repeat steps 15‐17 for each Olin network that you wish to connect to. The network names are:

  • OLIN_W