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 +====== Automatic Looping PowerPoint ======
 +In order to setup an automatic repeating PowerPoint presentation you will need to 1) set a timer to auto advance every slide and 2) set it to loop back to the beginning slide from the final slide.
 +==== Set all slides to auto advance after a certain period of time ====
 +  * Go to the **Transitions** tab
 +  * In the **Timing** section, located to the far right, you may enter in a time under the **Advance Slide** heading
 +  * You may repeat this for each slide if you would like for them to have different display lengths or click on the Apply To All button to set all slides to the same display time
 +  ​
 +==== Set slideshow to repeat/loop on final slide ====
 +  * Go to the **Slide Show** tab
 +  * Click on **Set Up Slide Show**
 +  * Under the **Show options** section, enable **Loop continuously until '​Esc'​**
 +  * If you have the slides set to auto advance, under the **Advance slides** section "Use timings, if present"​ should be the selected option
 +  * Click **OK** to save the changes and close this window
 +  ​
 +Save the file to retain all changes.