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Network Printer Locations

The college has network printers available for use in the following locations. Please note, all Xerox printers are multifunction printer and copiers with duplexing and collating cababilities.

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	Print Queue Name	

Academic Center \\printvs01\ AC114 HP 4200 AC114H01 AC214 Xerox 7335 AC214X01 AC304 HP P2015 AC105H01 AC314 Xerox 7335 AC314X01 AC414 Xerox 5635 AC414X01

Campus Center CC300 HP4600 CC300H01 CC319 HP 4100 CC319H01 CC327 Xerox 7335 CC327X01

East Hall EH135 Xerox 5655 EH135X01

West Hall WH237 Xerox 5655 WH237X01

Milas Hall MH116 HP 4050 MH116H01 MH116 Xerox 7345 MH116X01 MH150 Xerox 5635 MH150X01 MH207 Xerox 7328 MH207X01 MH235 Xerox 7328 MH235X01 MH271 Xerox 5655 MH271X01 MH307 Xerox 7335 MH307X01 MH330 HP 4200 MH330H01 MH350 HP 3800 MH350H01 MH371 Xerox 5655 MH371X01 MHL10 Xerox 5635 MHL10X01 MHL22 Xerox 7655 MHL22X01 MHL22 HP DesignT1100 42 in MHL22H01 MHL22 HP Design Jet 24 in MHL22H02 The Xerox multi-function units which can print in color can also copy and scan to email in color. The black & white units will only perform all of these functions in grayscale.