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-======Printing======+====== Printing ======
-**[[Printing_news|Latest Printing ​news]]**+**Latest Printing ​News:  ​**   Updated: 8/06/18
 +The Olin College IT Department has completed the installation and deployment of our latest networked multifunction printer contract. ​ We've now standardized on two Xerox MFP's that will remain in operation for the next four years.
 +  * Xerox  Altalink C8045 Color units
 +  * Xerox Altalink B8055 Black and White units
 +Users who haven'​t updated their locally installed print queues should do so at their earliest convenience by removing their current, older queues and installing new queues with the latest drivers. ​ For more information,​ please reference the appropriate installation documents for your operating system.
 +===== Xerox Printers =====
   * [[printer_locations|Campus Printers, Locations & Info]]   * [[printer_locations|Campus Printers, Locations & Info]]
-  * [[add_printer_in_win7|Adding a Network Printer to your Olin system: Windows ​7, on domain]]+  * [[secure_print|Secure Printing to Xerox Printers]] 
 +== Windows == 
 +  * [[add_printer_in_win|Adding a Network Printer to your Olin system: Windows, on domain]]
   * [[off_domain_printing|Adding a Network Printer to a personal system: Windows 7, off domain]]   * [[off_domain_printing|Adding a Network Printer to a personal system: Windows 7, off domain]]
 +== Linux ==
   * [[print_from_linux|Adding a Network Printer in Linux]]   * [[print_from_linux|Adding a Network Printer in Linux]]
-  ​* [[mac_printer|Adding a Network Printer in Mac devices: OS X Printing]] + 
-  * [[poster_printer_tips|Large Format Printing]] +== Mac OS X/macOS == 
-  * [[poster_printer_manual|HP DesignJet T1100ps Manual]]+  ​* [[mac_printer|Adding a Xerox Network Printer in Mac devices: OS X Printing]] 
 +===== Poster Printing ===== 
 +  * [[poster_printer_tips|General Info for Large Format Printing]]
   * [[large_format_printing|Outdoor Signs Large Format Printing]]   * [[large_format_printing|Outdoor Signs Large Format Printing]]
-  * [[secure_print|Secure ​Printing ​to Xerox Printers]]+  * [[poster_printer_manual|HP DesignJet T1100ps Manual]] 
 +  * [[Updating the driver for the HP DesignJet 24" Plotter]] 
 +== Mac OS X/macOS == 
 +  * [[poster_printer_on_mac|T1100 Poster ​Printing ​from OS X]]