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 ======Remote Access (VPN) Documentation====== ​ ======Remote Access (VPN) Documentation====== ​
-  * [[jvpn|JVPN Client Download, Installation & Use Instructions]] +== Olin College provides remote access service to campus networks and systems via supported VPN clients. ​ All active faculty, staff and students are eligible for a VPN account to access campus resources remotely. == 
-  * [[ssl_vpn|SSL ​VPN Instructions (Faculty use only)]]+ 
   * [[what_is_vpn|Overview of VPN (Virtual Private Networking) at Olin]]   * [[what_is_vpn|Overview of VPN (Virtual Private Networking) at Olin]]
   * [[troubleshoot_vpn|Troubleshooting VPN Connection Problems]]   * [[troubleshoot_vpn|Troubleshooting VPN Connection Problems]]
 +**Client Installations:​**__
 +  * [[jvpn|Juniper Pulse (JVPN) Client Download, Installation & Use Instructions]]
 +  * [[ssl_vpn|Global Protect SSL VPN Instructions (Faculty/​Vendor use only)]]