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Palo Alto SSL VPN Installation Instructions


  1. Direct your web browser to:
  2. Login with your network credentials in the format:
  3. Download the client for your operating system architecture (32bit or 64bit).
  4. Save the file to a location you can easily access
  5. Run the setup file named GlobalProtect (32 or 64)
  6. Choose Next through the installation. Choose Yes on all prompts.
  7. Choose Close when the program reports it has been successfully installed
  8. The application will launch automatically. You may have to wait up to a minute for it to appear.
  9. Enter the following information in the settings fields
    • * network password *
    • be sure the Remember Me checkbox is checked.
  10. Choose Apply
  11. Choose File and then Connect
    • A Welcome Page will appear when you have successfully connected
  12. Close out of the Welcome Page and client panel as the client will continue to run in the background.
  13. You may now access internal campus resources such as network shares and internal only sites and services.
  14. Disconnect the client by right clicking the new VPN icon on the bottom right of your system tray and selecting Disconnect.
  15. To reconnect simply right click the icon in your system tray and select Connect