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Installing Visual DSP++

Note: You will need to reboot once in the middle of this process.

  1. Run \\stuapp\NETAPPS\AnalogDevices\VisualDSP++\BlackFin-3_1\ADI\setup.exe
  2. Click Next.
  3. Click Yes.
  4. Enter your personal information and click Next.
  5. Edit the install path if you want and click Next.
  6. Make sure all components are selected and click Next.
  7. Click Yes.
  8. After the Reboot, run \\stuapp\NETAPPS\AnalogDevices\VisualDSP++\BlackFin-3_1\Licenses\setup.exe
  9. Choose “Install Client License” and click Next.
  10. Click Yes.
  11. Enter \\Stuapp\NETAPPS\AnalogDevices\VisualDSP++\BlackFin-3_1 as the server path and click Next.
  12. Click Finish.