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 ====== Windows Updates At Olin ====== ====== Windows Updates At Olin ======
-FIXME+===How can I determine if my system is configured for automatic updates?===
-Describe policy of forcing updates on clients ​to better protect ​the community ​and our services ​from attacks and complications.+  -Navigate ​to the **Start Menu -> All Programs -> Windows Update -> Change Settings** (on the right panel) 
 +  -You should see that **Automatic (Recommended)** is selected. 
 +    * It is normal for all of the choices to be grayed out: Olin's domain policy forces Automatic Updates to be on and prevents users from changing it. 
 +  - If **Automatic (Recommended)** is not currently selected, you should change your settings to ensure that your computer stays up-to-date.
-Former win update ​doc is out of date and only applies ​to XP.  ​http://it.olin.edu/​documents/​General/​Windows_Automatic_Updates.pdf+===An easy check to determine whether or not your system is updating properly=== 
 +  *Navigate to the **Start Menu -> All Programs -> Windows Update -> View update ​history** 
 +  *Your system ​is not updating properly if you find either ​of the following:​ 
 +    * Your last updates are not recent – within the last week or so.  Microsoft released patches mid week, every week which should be applied ​to your system. 
 +    * You have various patches whose status is listed as failed. 
 +===How can I run Windows Updates?​=== 
 +Windows updates are automatically configured to run every day on systems configured for our Olin domain.  ​You can also run them manually at any time. 
 +  - Navigate to the **Start Menu -> All Programs -> Windows Update -> Check for Updates** 
 +  - If any important updates are available, select **Install Updates** 
 +      * Otherwise, you may be able to select optional updates 
 +===What if Windows Updates isn't working?​=== 
 +If Windows Updates aren't working, ​it's likely due to a problem with the BITS service not running on system startupIf you're having a problem with BITS, refer to [[bits_fix|this article]]. 
 +If that doesn'​t work, feel free to contact the IT Help Desk.