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-===== Wireless ​Networks @ Olin =====+===== Wireless ​Networking at Olin College ​=====
-==== Windows 7 ==== +The following wireless networks are available on campus:
-  * [[importing_profiles|Importing Wireless Profiles to Olin Systems]]+
-==== Windows 8 ==== +  ​**OLIN**: Secure, authenticated wireless access to Olin online resources. ([[#configuring_the_olin_wireless_network|See below]] for configuration details.) 
-  ​* [[windows_8#quick_tips_for_windows_8_at_olin|Wireless configuration for Windows 8]] +  * **OLIN-VISITOR**:​ Internet access for visitors to the Olin campus. Users will be prompted for a simple visitor registration. Connection bandwidth may be limited. 
-  * [[windows_8_802.1x|Manually adding 802.1x (Wi-Fi) on Windows 8]]+  * **OLIN-DEVICES**:​ For use by Olin affiliates for devices that only work with a pre-shared network key. The password is changed annually in August. The current password is available on the [[https://my.olin.edu/|my.olin.edu portal]] (login required) under **Our Community / Information Technology**. Connection bandwidth may be limited. 
 +  * **OLIN-ROBOTICS**:​ For use by the Olin Robotics Lab. Please contact a faculty member in the Robotics Lab for more information. 
 +  * **OLIN-GUEST**:​ This network has been disabled as of Wednesday, September 4, 2019.
-==== Configuring ​WiFi in OS X ==== +==== Configuring ​the OLIN Wireless Network ​====
-  * [[olinwifi_on_mac|OS X Wireless configuration]]+
 +The **OLIN** wireless network is a secure wireless network using 802.1x authentication.
-===== Manual Config802.1x Wireless Information for Olin ===== +  * **Olin-provided Windows computers** (faculty, staff, and students)The OLIN network is pre-configured on your systemLogin to the network using your Olin UPN (username@olin.edu) and network password. 
-:!: Please note that if you are using a computer with an Olin provided image you should be using the provided ​[[importing_profiles|wireless profiles]]. +  * **[[http://​wikis.olin.edu/​it/​doku.php?​id=importing_profiles|Windows 10 configuration]]** 
 +  * **[[importing_profiles|Windows 7 configuration]]** 
 +  * **[[olinwifi_on_mac|Mac OS X configuration]]** 
 +  * **[[http://​wikis.olin.edu/​linux/​doku.php?​id=wireless|Linux configuration]]** 
 +  * **[[wireless_manual_configuration|Manual configuration details]]**
-When opening your wireless configuration utility, you may see multiple network names being broadcast, but Olin has one wireless network for all of campus aptly named: **OLIN** ​ 
-  * Select the **OLIN** network and choose an option to connect with WPA2 Enterprise options with AES encryption. 
-  * Olin is using MS-CHAP V2 with PEAP encapsulation as the authentication protocol. 
-  * Choose an option to authenticate with user credentials 
-    * Your username should be entered as **olin.edu\username** or **username@olin.edu** where username is your Olin network username if required. 
-      * Please note that if you are using **username@olin.edu** that this is not your email address 
-      * For example, if your name were **Joseph Student** your username would be jstudent. ​ You would enter olin.edu\jstudent OR **jstudent@olin.edu** 
-  * Set an identity to **olin.edu\username** or **username@olin.edu** where username is your Olin network username if required. 
-  * Our server is not currently using a validation certificate