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 ====== Laptop Software Policy ====== ====== Laptop Software Policy ======
-With the exception of the following software, graduating students ​are responsible for deleting/​removing all other institutionally owned software from their laptops upon leaving the College.+All students separating from the college ​are responsible for deleting/​removing all institutionally owned software from their laptops upon departure.
-  * Current MS Operating system (need to buy media for ONE home use machine) 
-  * Current version Microsoft Office Products (need to buy media for ONE home use machine) 
-  * Freely available or open source software 
 +You are no longer licensed to use any Olin owned/​licensed software including:
-Microsoft Security Essentials is free antivirus/antimalware ​product provided by Microsoft that  +  * Olin site licensed software such as Matlab and Solidworks 
-should serve most students needs. ​+  * Symantec Endpoint Protection - you should have a personal copy of antivirus software 
 +  * All programs that are licensed for the cloud from Microsoft and Adobe will stop functioning as the licensing will be expired. Be sure to move any cloud files to a more accessible location.  
 +Microsoft Security Essentials is free antivirus/anti malware ​product provided by Microsoft that  
 +should serve most students needs in replacing the institutionally-owned Symantec that comes installed on all Olin-maintained computers.
 Please note that all network based applications that connect to a server for a license key will no  Please note that all network based applications that connect to a server for a license key will no 
-longer work. These include: PSpiceMatlabSolidworksCosmosMapleVisual NasTranPTC,  +longer work.  
-Working Model and Femlab.+ 
 +======How to reset your laptop to the Windows 10 factory image====== 
 +Before doing the steps below make sure you have all your data backed up on an external source i.e. thumb driveexternal hard driveor cloud storage. ​ This process will delete all data and user accounts. ​ When completed your laptop will be like it was out of the box from Dell.  We recommend using this method to “refresh” you laptop to give it a longer life after graduation. 
 +1. Click **Start** ​then type "​reset."​ 
 +2. Select **Reset this PC (System Setting)**. 
 +3. Under Advanced Startupselect **Restart now**. 
 +4. At the Choose an option screenselect **Troubleshoot**. 
 +5. Select** Factory Image Restore**. 
 +6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset process. This takes some time and your computer will restart. 
 +Once the reset process is complete you will need to setup your systemsimply follow the onscreen instructions. ​ If you are signing in with a Microsoft account that account will be used via Microsoft support for password recovery. 
 +If you don’t have a Microsoft account you want to usewe recommend making a secondary local administrator account as a backup in case you forget the password for your primary account. ​ You can do this by doing the following: 
 +1. Click Start , then type “users"​. 
 +2. Expand the **Local Users and Groups section**. 
 +3. Select **Users**, and then **Action** at the top of the window, and click **New User**. 
 +4. Create username and password for the account and click **Create**. 
 +5. Click on **Groups** on the left in the **Computer Management** window, then double click **Administrators**. 
 +6. On the next window click **Add**, type in the name of the new account you just made and click **Okay**.