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 ===== Password Change ===== ===== Password Change =====
 +After logging in for the first time, you must [[jenzabar_passwords|change your password]].
-    - Log onto Jenzabar CX and choose **Utility Menu** ​ from the first screen. 
-    - At the next screen choose **Login** 
-    - At the next screen choose **Change Password** 
-    - At the next screen choose from the top left of screen 
-      * You will now have a screen that populates your username and asks for you old password. 
-    - Type your old password and hit Enter 
-      * You will not see the information on the screen as you type your old and new passwords. 
-    - Type new password and hit Enter 
-    - Type new password again and hit Enter 
-      * Password requirement:​ at least 6 characters and must contain at least two letters and at least one number or special character 
-    - You will receive the message **passwd successfully changed** 
 ===== Changing the Look of Your Screen ===== ===== Changing the Look of Your Screen =====