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-======Linux Documentation====== +===== Linux Documentation ===== 
-[[http://​wikis.olin.edu/​linux/​doku.php|Linux ​documentation has moved to http://​linux.olin.edu ​(Available On-Campus Only)]]+**Students - Please Read:** Welcome to the Linux Wiki.  While at Olin College, you will be involved in many projects. Your data is essential, and you are responsible for protecting your data. If you are new to Linux or a seasoned veteran, it is crucial to have backups. If something were to happen to your laptop, the Helpdesk might not be able to recover your data. To keep your data safe, take a few minutes to set up a backup (see links below). Your future self will thank you. 
 +[[http://​wikis.olin.edu/​linux/​doku.php|The Linux Wiki]] 
 + (Available On-Campus Only)  
 +[[ubuntu_wifi|Setup OLIN WiFi in Ubuntu]] 
 +[[ubuntu_backup| Setup Automatic Backups of Your Ubuntu Home Directory to Google Drive]] 
 +[[ubuntu_backup_ext| Setup Automatic Backups of Your Ubuntu Home Directory to an External USB Drive]] 
 +[[remove_dual_boot|Guide to Removing Ubuntu from a Dual-Boot System]]