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-====== RSS @ Olin College ====== 
-===== Introduction ===== 
-Olin is pleased to offer RSS feeds through feeds.olin.edu. ​ This document will provide you with an introduction ​ 
-to RSS, software requirements for using RSS, how Olin Feeds (feeds.olin.edu) works, and directions on  
-subscribing to an Olin RSS feed. 
-===== What is RSS? ===== 
-RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. ​ The following excerpt from Wikipedia describes RSS in action: 
-Users of RSS content use programs called feed '​readers'​ or '​aggregators':​ the user  
-'​subscribes'​ to a feed by supplying to their reader a link to the feed; the reader can then  
-check the user's subscribed feeds to see if any of those feeds have new content since the  
-last time it checked, and if so, retrieve that content and present it to the user. 
-In other words, your reader acts as your designated web surfer. ​ Rather than having to check back frequently on  
-a Web site for new content, your reader checks for new content and lets you know about it! 
-What do I need in terms of Software? 
-In order to properly utilize RSS, you need appropriate news aggregator to read an RSS feed.  Fortunately,​ newer  
-browsers have begun to integrate RSS reader functionality into their software package. ​ The following Web  
-browsers contain built-in RSS functionality:​ 
-• Internet Explorer 7 
-• Mozilla Firefox 2 
-• Opera 9 
-Additionally,​ there are client-based news aggregators available. ​ Examples include: 
-• Thunderbird 
-• FeedReader 
-Additionally,​ web-based news aggregators are available, such as My Yahoo! (http://​my.yahoo.com). 
-This document will cover the subscription to Olin RSS feeds using Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla Firefox 2. 
-How Olin Feeds work? 
-Olin Feeds is accessible from your Web browser at feeds.olin.edu. ​ The home page lists all available feeds along  
-with 2 links: ​ (1) a **Subscribe** link (which we’ll cover shortly) and (2) a **Preview** link (which displays a  
-formatted Web preview of an RSS feed).Information Technology 
-Last Modified 3/23/09 
-===== How do I subscribe to a feed? ===== 
-NOTE:  Directions are provided for Internet Explorer and Firefox 2.  Other Web browsers work in a  
-similar function and other applications are available (see **What do I need in terms of Software?​** ​ 
-section for more information). 
-=== Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 === 
-The latest version of IE contains support for RSS feeds. ​ To subscribe to a feed: 
-• Open IE and access http://​feeds.olin.edu 
-• Once you find an RSS feed of interest, click on the subscribe link. 
-• You will be taken to a preview page.  If you have not subscribed to the feed, you will see the following: 
-• Click on the Subscribe to this feed link.  The following dialog box will appear: 
-• Click Subscribe to add your feed to your Feeds list. 
-• Repeat this process for any other Olin feeds you are interested in using. 
-=== Firefox 2 === 
-• Open Firefox and access http://​feeds.olin.edu 
-• Once you find an RSS feed of interest, click on the subscribe link. 
-• Firefox will display the following dialog box:​Information Technology 
-• You can now choose to add your feed to a location that best suits you.  ​ 
-NOTE:  By default, the feed is added to Bookmarks Toolbar Folder (usually located below  
-the Navigation Toolbar which contains your address bar and Web browsing buttons). ​ To  
-see the Bookmarks Toolbar, click on View  Toolbars  Bookmarks Toolbar. 
-• Click OK when you are ready to subscribe. 
-===== What happens after I subscribe to a feed? ===== 
-The subscribed feeds do the work with your news aggregator, updating your feed with the latest content. 
-===== How do I view my feeds? ===== 
-=== Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 === 
-• Click on The Favorites Center button 
-• Click on the Feeds button. 
-• Select the feed you want to read. 
-• Your subscribed content will be displayed along with direct links to the related Web page 
-===Firefox 2 === 
-• Bookmarks Toolbar 
-o Click on the feed on the toolbar to open a list of RSS items, then select the feed button. ​ A dropdown list will display all related items. ​ Select the item you wish to view and you will be directed ​ 
-to that particular Web page. 
-• Bookmarks Menu: 
-o Click on the Bookmarks menu, then browse to your RSS feed item.  A secondary menu will  
-appear with all the items. ​ Select the item you wish to view and you will be directed to that  
-particular Web page.