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-======OneCard======+====== ​Olin OneCard ======
-http://​onecard.olin.edu+Olin's OneCard is used for building access as well as student meal plans. ​ You can also add funds to it to be used for a variety of purchase options such as: **dining**, **laundry**,​ **mailroom services**, and **Olin Gear**.  
 +You can conveniently manage your Olin OneCard account via the Web and perform the following functions:​ 
 +  * Make a deposit 
 +  * View your current balance 
 +  * View any of your last six monthly statements 
 +  * View your Board (Meal Plan) transaction history 
 +  * View your Account (purchase) transaction history 
 +Browse to [[http://​onecard.olin.edu|http://​onecard.olin.edu]] 
 +===== Account Holders: ===== 
 + ​**__Accessing Your Olin Onecard eAccount__:​** 
 +Click link to directly access [[https://​olin-sp.transactcampus.com/​eAccounts|eAccounts]] 
 +Users with an Olin network account can login using their network credentials (username and password). ​ Once you have successfully authenticated,​ choose the **My Accounts** ​ tab to make a deposit, check your balance, print a statement or schedule email notifications. 
 +  * Username: ​ Enter your network username 
 +  * Password: ​ Enter your network password 
 +  * Note: Anyone can deposit funds to your card at any time without logging in by using the Guest Deposit feature. 
 +**__Making a Deposit__:​** ​ To deposit funds to your account when logged in: 
 +  * Note: Only VISA or MasterCard credit cards are accepted 
 +  * Select Accounts from the top menu 
 +  * Select Account Summary from the second menu 
 +  * Within Olin Dollars section, select **"​+Add Money"​** 
 +  * Enter all the necessary information and follow the prompts. 
 +//When done, please remember to logout.// 
 +===== Guest Deposit: ​ ===== 
 +Anyone can deposit funds to a community member’s Olin OneCard using the guest deposit option on the front page. You must know the account holder'​s 16 digit ISO number and the exact spelling of their first and last names for this to work correctly. All of these items can be found on the account holder'​s Olin ID (Onecard) card. 
 +    * **Campus ID**  – also known as the 16 digit ISO number which can be found on the cardholder’s Olin ID card. 
 +    * **First name** 
 +    * **Last name**  
 +===== Important Information ===== 
 +Due to provisions of the AntiTerrorism Act of 2001 and limitations on the banking types of transactions that can be performed by other institutions,​ no refunds of OneCard funds can be provided. The only exception is when employees terminate their employment or students leave the college permanently.  
 +    * An employee'​s or a student'​s OneCard account is automatically closed immediately after the employee or the student leaves the college.  
 +     * A closing balance of $10 or more will be refunded in full  via direct deposit to the bank account that is on file. A closing balance less than $10 will be forfeited. 
 +     * Refunds may take up to two weeks to process. 
 +     * Olin Dollars program details are subject to change. 
 +Please send any questions about using this web site to [[onecard@olin.edu|onecard@olin.edu]].
-http://​it.olin.edu/​documents/​OneCard/​OneCard_Instructions.pdf ​ FIXME