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 ====== Secure Printing on Xerox Machines ====== ====== Secure Printing on Xerox Machines ======
-  ​- Find **Printer ​Properties** +Secure Print allows a user to safely send confidential print jobs to networked Xerox printers. ​ Print jobs will remain secure until released from the Job Status window by the user with their secure print code.  Users must first configure secure print on each of their configured print queues they wish to use it on.  Use the following steps to configure your secure print code and then use it to release your jobs at the desired printer. ​ Once secure print is configured and set as a default, the code will remain the same and all jobs will require the code to release them from the printer. 
-    * {{:​printer_system_dialog.png?​300|}} {{:​word_printer_properties.png?​300|}} {{:​print_options.png?​300|}} + 
-  - Change ​**Job Type** to **Secure Print** +    ​- Find **Properties ​** or **Preferences** 
-    ​* {{:​secure_print.png?​300|}} +      * {{:​printer_system_dialog.png?​300}}{{:​word_printer_properties.png?​300}}{{:​print_options.png?​300}} 
-  - Enter and confirm a passcode +    - Change Job Type toSecure Print      * {{:​secure_print.png?​300}} 
-  - Enter the passcode at the printer and the job should print+    - Enter and confirm a passcode 
 +    - Enter the passcode at the printer and the job should print