Submitting a Help Desk Request

Here are a few tips to help us get you the solution you need as quickly as possible…

  • Be as detailed as possible, you can’t put too much information in your email.
  • Be as specific as possible… i.e. It happens every 15 minutes…rather than it’s happened a lot today.
  • Include any error messages that you have received. It is important to give the full error message including any cryptic hexadecimal numbers. You can often save time by taking a screenshot (Alt + PrtScrn on your keyboard) and pasting it into an image file which can then be attached to your email.
  • Do any of your neighbors have this problem?
  • Have you installed any new software recently?
  • Can you print the document to a different printer?
  • How long have you had this problem?
  • Were you using a wired or wireless network connection?
  • What version of the software are you using? (Usually can be found by clicking Help → About)
  • What other programs did you have running at the time?

The more information you provide in the beginning, the faster we will be able to resolve your problem. By not detailing your problem, we have to track you down for more information instead of working on the resolution. We understand not everyone is very comfortable with technology, that’s why we are here, but the more detail you provide even in layman’s terms brings us that much closer to a resolution for you and every other person waiting to hear back from us. Many times a few extra sentences from you can save us from hours of research.