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Line 54: Line 54:
  - ''​Connect to the Olin VPN server, (required)''​  - ''​Connect to the Olin VPN server, (required)''​
  - ''​Click on the Start Menu''​  - ''​Click on the Start Menu''​
- - ''​Start typing Network status and select it when it appears''​+ - ''​Start typing ​"Network status" no quotes ​and select it when it appears''​
  - ''​Choose "​Change adapter options"''​  - ''​Choose "​Change adapter options"''​
  - ''​Select the Pulse Secure adapter''​  - ''​Select the Pulse Secure adapter''​
Line 61: Line 61:
  - ''​Uncheck the "​Juniper Network Service"''​  - ''​Uncheck the "​Juniper Network Service"''​
  - ''​Click "​ok"​ then click close''​  - ''​Click "​ok"​ then click close''​
- - ''​repeat for all other listed network adapters''​+ - ''​repeat ​this process ​for all other listed network adapters''​
  - ''​disconnect from the PulseSecure VPN service''​  - ''​disconnect from the PulseSecure VPN service''​
  - ''​close all windows and restart your computer (required)''​  - ''​close all windows and restart your computer (required)''​