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Date File Material
9/5/13 0_-_zero_day.pptx Intro to Boolean Logic, Course Details
9/9/13 1_-_boolean_logic.pptx More Boolean Logic, Karnaugh Maps and DeMorgan's Laws
9/12/13 2_-_number_systems.pptx Number Systems, Base R, Negative Numbers, Fixed Point
9/16/13 3_-_floating_point.pptx Fixed Point Multiply, Floating Point
9/19/13 4_-_timing_and_latches.pptx Propagation Delay, Latches, Flip Flops
9/23/13 5_-_fabric_and_verilog.pptx (De)Muxes, LUTs, FPGAs, Shifting
9/26/13 6_-_performance.pptx Performance, Ahmdahl's Law, Benchmarking
9/29/13 7_-_alu_and_growth.pptx Parameterized Growth, ALUs
10/3/13 8_-_single_cycle_cpu.pptx Our First CPU
10/7/13 9_-_branching_and_machine_code.pptx Our First CPU, Continued
10/10/13 10_-_mips_assembly.pptx MIPS Assembly
10/17/13 11_-_test_day.pptx Test Day
10/21/13 12_-_call_me_maybe.pptx Calling Conventions
10/24/13 13_-_call_of_duty.pptx Recursion, MIPS specific calling convention
10/28/13 14_-_behavioral_verilog.pptx Behavioral Verilog
10/31/13 15_-_multicycle_cpu.pptx Multicycle CPUs
11/4/13 16_-_timing_control.pptx Control and Timing of Multicycle CPUS 16_-_timing_control_-_example_hrts.xlsx
11/7/13 17_-_pipelining.pptx Pipelining
11/11/13 18_-_hazards.pptx The Hazards of Pipelining
11/14/13 19_-_cool_math_stuff.pptx NewtonRaphson and CORDIC
11/18/13 20_-_caching.pptx Caching
12/2/13 21_-_retrospective.pptx Retrospective

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