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ANSYS 14.5

Due to the size of the installation, please DO NOT attempt to install this application via a wireless or VPN network connection. Prior to installing any new version or upgrade, please ensure that you are connected to a live, wired, Ethernet jack on campus and that your wireless network interface is disabled. You will need to uninstall any previous version of Ansys prior to installing v14.5 as Ansys v14.5 Workbench will not function otherwise.

Installing Ansys Multiphysics 14.5

  1. IE users may click to follow the link, for any other browser you will need copy & paste the link into a Run… dialog window or the Windows 7 Start Menu search box.
    1. Right click InstallPreReqs.exe and select Run as Administrator
    2. If you receive a Security Warning window, click Run to continue the install. Allow all of the required prerequisite programs to install normally. Click Run in any following security windows. This should require minimal user interaction
  2. Following the prerequisite program installations, right click on setup.exe and select Run as Administrator
    1. If you receive a Security Warning window, click Run to continue the install.
  3. Click Install ANSYS, Inc. Products
  4. Select I Agree in the License Agreement window to accept the license agreement
    1. Click Next
  5. If prompted for platform to install, select your platform. (Windows 32 vs. Windows 64)
  6. Click Next to accept default installation path.
    1. You may choose to disable the ANSYS RSS feed if you wish.
  7. In the Select Installation Components window, accept the defaults and click Next to continue.
    1. If you have Creo (formerly Pro/E) or any of the other programs that Ansys can interface with, make sure to check the box next to those products so that the appropriate files will be installed. These may already be appropriately marked for you.
  8. If you have Creo installed, enter the path to your ProE installation and click Next.
    1. If you do not have Creo installed select Skip this step for ICEM and configure later and click Next to continue.
  9. Accept the defaults for the Unigraphics NX installation if prompted; click Next.
    1. Skip this step for ICEM CFD and configure later and Skip this step for Workbench and configure later should be checked for you. If not, check it and click Next to continue.
  10. Accept the defualts for SolidWorks; click Next
  11. Accept the defualts for Autodesk Inventor; click Next
  12. The installer will now verify the license manager file dates.
    1. Click Next after verification has completed.
  13. Click Next at the review screen to begin installation.
    1. At first it may install any missing prerequisites that ANSYS needs to run. If you quickly receive a message that Everything was successfully installed, do not close out of the installation window.
    2. This installation can take a very long time. The window may appear to freeze during the installation or not give any indication that the install has started immediately.
  14. When prompted for the path to DVD to copy and paste the following into the dialog box:
  15. Click OK
  16. Click Next after the installation has completed.
  17. The license file will configure some settings, the Specify the License Server Machine window may popup.
    1. If you had a previous version of ANSYS installed you may not receive this window
  18. If there is already an ANSYS Flexlm server specified, click exit. If there is no machine specified, ensure that your licensing info matches the following:
    1. ANSYS Licensing Interconnect port number (default is 2325): 2325
    2. ANSYS FLEXlm port number (default is 1055): 1400
    3. Select number of license server machines: 1-server
    4. Hostname 1: STUAPP
  19. Click Exit at the Licensing Client Installation Configuration Screen
  20. Click Next at the Finish Installation screen.
  21. You may be prompted to answer survey questions, click Finish to skip or click Next to answer the questions.
  22. Click Exit in the installation manager.
  23. Load ANSYS Workbench. Select: Tools→License Preferences…
  24. Under Global Settings select Use Academic Licenses if it is not already selected, click Apply, click OK
    1. You'll need to restart ANSYS Workbench for the changes to take effect.