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     * [[:​av_support_and_loaner_requests|Audio/​Video Support and Loaner Requests]]     * [[:​av_support_and_loaner_requests|Audio/​Video Support and Loaner Requests]]
-    * [[:​auditorium_av_instructions|Auditorium Audio/Video Lectern Instructions]]+    * [[:​auditorium_av_instructions|Norden ​Auditorium Audio/Video Lectern Instructions]] 
 +    * [[auditorium_presentation_view|Enabling Auditorium Confidence Monitor Presenter View]]
     * [[:​av_cart_instructions|Audio/​Video Cart Instructions]]     * [[:​av_cart_instructions|Audio/​Video Cart Instructions]]
     * [[:​av_classroom_wall_controls|Classroom AV Wall Controls]]     * [[:​av_classroom_wall_controls|Classroom AV Wall Controls]]