Installation and Logon Procedures for Jenzabar

  1. Go to Run.. (Windows Key + R) and paste the following into the Run box and press OK:
  2. Install QuickMate v1.3b
  3. At the Welcome screen, press Next
  4. At the Setup Type screen, choose Stand-alone Workstation and then press Next -
  5. At the Choose Destination Location screen, press Next
  6. At the Select Program Folder, choose Next
  7. At the Preserving Local Settings screen, select Use new global settings, and press Next
  8. At the Start Copying Files screen, press Next
  9. At the Setup Complete screen, leave the settings as is and press Finish Configuration
  10. When the Configuration Wizard opens, check the box that says 'Do not always start the Configuration Wizard’
  11. Press Next
  12. At the Configure Authorized Hosts screen, press the button for Configure…Hosts allowed to connect to QuickMate
  13. Add the following address:
  14. After they have been added, press OK
  15. Once this is done, simply press Next for the rest of the configuration screens
  16. Quickmate will now be installed

Jenzabar Log In

  1. Be sure that Cars QuickMate is running in your taskbar, it should still be running automatically from the install and should also be set to automatically start when you turn on your computer
  2. Double click on the SSH Secure Shell Client icon on the desktop
  3. When the SSH Secure Shell Client opens, press the Quick Connect button
  4. Enter the following information with your correct User Name, choose Connect and then enter your password when prompted
  5. Choose OK at the Enter Your Authentication Response prompt
    1. Now choose option 1 to connect to the production database