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   * [[olinwifi_on_Mac|Configuring Wireless on Mac OS X]]   * [[olinwifi_on_Mac|Configuring Wireless on Mac OS X]]
   * [[matlab_on_mac|MATLAB Installation]]   * [[matlab_on_mac|MATLAB Installation]]
 +  * [[comsol|COMSOL Installation]]
   * [[mac_printer|OS X Printing]]   * [[mac_printer|OS X Printing]]
   * [[poster_printer_on_mac|T1100 Poster Printing from OS X]]   * [[poster_printer_on_mac|T1100 Poster Printing from OS X]]
   * [[mac_tech_advice|What Happened to My Happy Mac]]   * [[mac_tech_advice|What Happened to My Happy Mac]]
   * [[add_network_share_on_mac|Add a Network Share on your Mac]]   * [[add_network_share_on_mac|Add a Network Share on your Mac]]