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-====== MATLAB ​R2018b Installation ​====== +====== MATLAB ​2019 ======
-==== Windows ==== +
-If you have an existing MATLAB installation prior to R2018b, we recommend you uninstall your current version and reboot your computer prior to running the R2018b installation.+
-=== Installation for Olin domained computers === 
-To begin the non-interactive installation,​ IE users may click on the following link.  For any other browser you will need to copy & paste it into the Run box (Windows Key + R):  \\ 
-===  Installation for off-domain systems === 
-Cross-Registered students will need to specify the Olin domain and authenticate with their Olin network credentials,​ following the link below: 
-When prompted for username, please enter "​**olin.edu\**//<​your username>//"​ followed by your Olin network password. 
-== continuing ​installation ​==+MATLAB ​installation, starting with version 2019a, has gone cloud based. ​ This means to use the latest version requires a Mathworks account.
-Click **Open** in the Windows UAC warning window to continue with the installation.  ​ +For any user of previous versions of MATLAB, please uninstall your current version before following any further steps.  when uninstallingselect ​to Uninstall MATLAB preference files.  ​
-There may appear to be a small delay between allowing the install to begin from the UAC window to when the actual MATLAB installer appears on screen where it appears that there is nothing occuring. ​ This is normal behavior while the installer loadsusers do not need to launch the installer more than once after allowing the UAC prompt to process.  ​The delay may be longer while installing over a wireless network connection than on a wired network connection.+
-At this point you will be able to watch the progress ​of the installation.  ​There is no interaction necessary on your part for the installation – all entries are preconfigured for the installation Each screen ​will display for a moment before continuing onto the next.+One of the final windows in the uninstall process states "There may be some remaining files in C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2019aYou can manually delete them." ​  ​You ​will want to do this, as any loose files remaining can cause issues with pointing to the previous license. 
-==== OS X ==== +===== Downloading MATLAB =====
-[[matlab_on_mac|Instructions under Macintosh section]]+
-==== Linux ==== +  * To Begin with, Go to the MATLAB website and click on the profile icon in the top right corner. ​ 
-Make sure you are connected ​to the Olin network (preferably over Ethernet) ​+{{:​matlab1.png?​nolink|}} 
 +  * Click on create account on the bottom and fill out the necessary information with your Olin email 
 +  * Go to your email and follow the link for your verification email. 
 +***Note*** if Mathworks states that you already have an account, skip to the bottom section of this page 
 +  * Complete the verification email and sign in to the site. Click on your account profile and select the down arrow to go to the download page 
 +  * Select to get the latest release, scroll on the side if you do not see the version you want. Click on download 
 +  * Click on the OS option and the download will begin. Run it and login into your MathWorks account 
 +  * Once the download is complete, run the installer. ​ After extracting and starting the setup, select Log in with a MathWorks account, and fill in the account information you created prior. 
 +  * Select your license and select Next.  
 +  * If you want to save somewhere specific, you can change the installation folder, or leave it default. 
 +  * Select any or all of the products that pertain to your study needs. 
 +  * Complete the rest of the installer and activate your MATLAB Installation. ​
-  * Open terminal  +===== Previously created Mathworks Account =====
-  * run %%sudo apt-get install cifs-utils %% +
-  * run %%mkdir -p ~/​fsvs01/​Applications %% +
-  * run sudo mount %%//​fsvs01/​Applications ~/​fsvs01/​Applications -o user=<​olin_username>,​workgroup=olin.edu,​uid=<​linux_username>​%% +
-  * Enter your Olin Password when prompted  +
-  * cd fsvs01/​Applications/​Public/​netapps/​MATLAB/​r2018b/​linux/​ +
-  * sudo ./​install ​+
-Then do the following:+If a user of a previous version created a Mathworks account in the past, but no longer remembers their password, select "​Forgot Password?"​ to reset it.  The password is not connected to your Olin password. ​  
 +If Concurrent is listed, select the button to Link an additional license. 
-  * Select use file installation key  +Once you click the link, as long as your account is using your Olin email address, it should automatically assign you new Individual ​license. 
-  * Accept user agreement  +{{:​matlab17.png?​nolink|}}
-  * Copy and paste file installation key. Can be found in 2018b fik.txt  +
-  * Select ​place to install MATLAB  +
-  * Keep default products to installation  +
-  * Path to license file is %%~/​fsvs01/​Applications/​Public/​MATLAB/​client-license.dat %% +
-  * Check “Create symbolic links to MATLAB scripts” during installation  +
-  * Select install ​+
-You may have to then do the following:  +Once assigned ​an Individual ​license start the MATLAB download and installation ​(above).  ​Once you sign inboth licenses should appear on the License Selection page.  ​Select ​the Individual license ​and continue with the installation instructions
- +{{:matlab18.png?​nolink|}}
-  * sudo apt-get install matlab-support +
-  * path is MATLAB/​R2018b/​  +
- +
- +
-===== Known Issues and Solutions ===== +
- +
-==== Using MATLAB over VPN fails ==== +
-Occasionally while using MATLAB over VPN with slow connections there can be an error where the MATLAB client times out before it receives a response from the license ​server. ​ The following steps should solve the issue: +
- +
-  * Right-click My Computer. Click Properties ​(for  Windows 7, click the "​Advanced system settings"​ link.) +
-  * In the System Properties dialog box, click the Advanced tab. +
-  * On the Advanced tabclick Environment Variables. +
-  * In the Environment Variables dialog box, under System Variables, click New. +
-  * In the New User Variable dialog box, enter FLEXLM_TIMEOUT for the name and 2147483647 for the value+
-  * Click OK to close each dialog box. +
- +
-Login to VPN, launch MATLAB+