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Printing to Olin Printers from a Personal Computer

These are instructions for setting up an Olin printer from a personal computer running Windows XP that is plugged into the network, but is not on the domain.

  1. Go to Start Menu > Run and enter: \\printvs01
    1. This connects your desktop to the print server. Click OK.
  2. A login screen will appear.
    1. Username:\username
    2. Password: and your network password.
    3. Click OK
  3. From the taskbar Click on Start > Settings > Printers and Faxes
  4. Click on “Add a Printer” from left column
  5. Select “a network printer” and click next
  6. Select “Find a printer in the directory” and click next
  7. Select Entire Directory and click “Find Now”
    1. Please Note: All printers on campus follow this established naming convention.

Double click on the printer you wish to add.

  1. Next you are asked if you wish this printer to be your default, select Yes or No, click on Next.
  2. Click on Finis