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Printing to the HP T1100 Printer from OS X

Note: these instructions were written for Macintosh OS X10.5 and above, the steps may be different for previous versions of OS X.

Installing the appropriate printer drivers

  1. Connect to Olin’s fileserver, fsvs01
    1. Open up the Go menu in the finder and select Connect to Server option
    2. Enter: smb://
    3. You may be prompted for a username and password to connect
      1. Connect as: Registered User
      2. Username: first initial last name
      3. Password: your network password
  2. Select Applications as the volume that you would like to mount
  3. Browse through Public > Printers > HP > HP T1100 Drivers
  4. Mount the .dmg file in this directory and run the installer by selecting Mac OS X HP Designjet installer; follow the onscreen instructions.
    • You may be prompted for your administrative password during this installation, it is safe to enter it as prompted.
  5. Click continue at introduction screen
  6. Click continue at readme screen
  7. Click continue at license screen, agree to terms
  8. Accept the defaults at the installation screen (easy install) and click continue
  9. After closing out any other running applications, click continue at the application warning popup screen. The installation should proceed from here

Setting up a print queue

  1. During the installation, a printer window will pop up, enter the following information:
    1. Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD [Verify that this is correct, as it may not autofill]
    2. Address:
    3. Leave the queue field blank
    4. Name: MHL22H01
    5. Location: MH Computer Lab
    6. Print Using: HP Designjet T1100ps 44in [Verify that this is correct, as it may not autofill]
  2. Click Add
  3. Click quit at the finish up screen

The new printer will now show up in the Printer List.