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 ====== Student Technology Guide ====== ====== Student Technology Guide ======
 +=====Contacting IT=====
 +The preferred method of contacting Information Technology for technical support is by sending an email to [[helpdesk@olin.edu]]. ​ Information Technology can also be contacted by telephone between the hours of 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM at ext 2430.   this can be accessed from off campus be dialing 781.292.2430. ​ Walk up service is also available on a first come first serve basis in Milas Hall Ste LL10.  ​
 +=====After Hours=====
 +Email and voice mail messages are monitored after hours for emergencies only. 
-===== Available Servers ​===== +=====Logging onto the Olin Network ​===== 
-''​Stuweb'' ​| Web space available | +  - Power on your laptop or desktop 
-| ''​Students.olin.edu''​ | Quota of 200 MB per student | +  - Press ''​Ctrl + Alt + Delete''​ 
-| ''​Studev''​ | Student Web Development Server | +  - Logon Information 
-| ''​Studev.olin.edu''​ | Quota of 200 MB per student |+    * User Name: first initial and last name There could be a number suffix depending on previous use of your username 
 +    * Password: 
 +    * Domain: ​olin.edu 
 +  - The system will then prompt you to change your password. 
 +    * All passwords must be minimum 8 characters in length, include upper and lower case letters and numbers or special characters. ​  
 +    *  
 +===== Email =====
 +The standard official e-mail address at Olin College is:
-Currently, the servers are Server 2003/2008 Microsoft platforms, which support HTML, Active Server ​ 
-Pages, Cold Fusion, PHP and Active Perl. 
-| ''​Fsvs01''​ | Network file server |+  * Faculty and Staff         ​firstinitiallastname@olin.edu
-Studev and FSVS01 are accessible from off campus only through the Virtual Private Network  +  * Students ​                ​firstinitiallastname@olin.edu
-(VPN). ​ If you require access, please email the helpdesk for a VPN logon and password+
-===== Network Printers ===== + New employee desktops/​laptops ​are configured with an Outlook profile to access your email on campus. ​    
-There are many network printers ​on campus ​that are available for student printingIn West +   
-Hall, there is a Xerox 5655 on the second floor and in East Hall you will find a Xerox 5655 in the +Some common email alias groups have been built to help you connect with various groups ​of people ​on campus You can find a complete list of these email groups Global Address book which can be accessed from your address ​book in Outlook. ​ A few of the most widely used
-1st floor lounge. ​  ​All ​of these printers are configured to duplex by default. ​  ​Additionally there are  +
-color network printers ​on the second and third floor of the academic center of the Academic  +
-Center   ​For ​a complete list of available printers as well as directions on adding a network  +
-printer, see [[printing]]  +
-===== Electronic Mail ===== +
-The standard official e-mail ​address ​at Olin College for students is:+
-firstname.lastname@students.olin.edu+  * List@olin.edu faculty and staff 
 +  * Staff@olin.edu all staff members 
 +  * Faculty@olin.edu all faculty members 
 +  * students@olin.edu all students 
 +  * classof2020@olin.edu ​all students in class of 2020 
 +  * classof2021@olin.edu all students in class of 2021 
 +  *  classof2022@olin.edu all students in class of 2022 
 +  *  classof2023@olin.edu all students in class of 2023 
 +=== Off-Campus Email Access === 
-As well as personal email addresses, there are many email groups designed to reach groups of  +Enter your network credentials using the following example
-people on campus. ​ Some examples:+
-  * List@olin.edu ​(faculty and staff) +UPN which is: firstinitiallastname@olin.edu
-  * Staff@olin.edu (all staff members) +
-  * Faculty@olin.edu (all faculty members) +
-  * students@olin.edu (all students) +
-  * classof2013@olin.edu (all students in class of 2013) +
-  * classof2014@olin.edu (all students in class of 2014) +
-  * classof2015@olin.edu (all students in class of 2015) +
-  * classof2016@olin.edu (all students in class of 2016) +
-===== Digital Drop Box ===== +
-  * Our email server has a 20MB attachment limit so you should share files via Sandbox  +
-network file share, not email with on campus users +
-  * Use http://​dropbox.olin.edu to share files with off-campus users +
-  * See the IT web site-documentation->​web services for further detail+
-Off Campus email access: ​ https://​webmail.olin.edu 
-Enter your network credentials using the following example+Example
-Domainname\username ​ 
-Example  +    * Username: ​ "​jstudent@olin.edu" 
-  - Username: ​''​olin.edu\mfitzpatrick''​ +    ​* ​Password
-  ​- ​Password +
-===== Accessing the Course Management System =====+
-Olin College uses Blackboard as its course management system. +For other email related inquiriessee [[:​email|here]].
-  - To get to Blackboardpoint your browser to **courses.olin.edu** +
-  - Click on **Login** +
-  - Enter your network credentials +
-  - Network username and password+
-Olin Mailing Lists:  ​http://​lists.olin.edu+For further on cloud storage and Office 365 see:  ​[[office365|Office 365]]
-Olin Portal: ​ https://​my.olin.edu+=====Mailing Lists=====
-Login using your network username ​and password ​and click on the student tab for access to our  +Public mailings lists are available at [[http://​lists.olin.edu/​|lists.olin.edu]]. You can subscribe to lists or set up your own list by filling out the [[http://​lists.olin.edu/​owners/​request.php|request form]]. 
-Student Information SystemYou can also find calendar information ​and links to important urls  +File Shares===== 
-on campus. +| \\fsvs01\Departments ​ | Departmental Drives | 
-===== Dell Premier Web Site ===== +| \\fsvs01\Public ​      | This is an area open to faculty, staff and students for storing Olin related data. | 
-Students, faculty ​and staff are able to make discount purchases through our Dell Premier Web  +| \\fsvs01\Sandbox ​     | This space is meant for very short-term storage. There is a finite limit to storage ​and anything older than 30 days is purged daily. You may share files with anyone here or use as a temp repository. | 
-Site.  Please see the link for Personal Computer Purchases ​on the IT web site for further info.+| \\fsvs01\Groups ​      | Space shared by members of different departmental groups| 
 +A complete backup of all files stored ​on the network is completed nightly. ​ If you have any issues with regard to accidentally deleting or otherwise losing files, contact the IT department as soon as possible. ​ It is recommended that you save all files to the network drive to ensure appropriate backup. ​ If you choose to save files to your local drive, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are properly backed up.    
 +If you require ​access to additional network drives, you can email helpdesk@olin.edu. ​  Most network drive requests will require departmental approval prior to access being granted.  ​ 
 +VPN software is available to access files from off campus  This software ​can be found on your Olin laptop by going to the **START button on lower left of computer ​and entering Pulse in the search box.** Once the login screen appears, use your network credentials ​to login. 
 +Further information ​on VPN at Olin can be found [[what_is_vpn|here]] 
 +=== Adding a Network Printer on Windows === 
 +  * From the taskbar select the **Start Button** then **Devices ​and Printers** 
 +  ​* Select **Add a Printer** from the top of the window 
 +  * Select **Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer** 
 +  * Select your printer from the list  
 +    * Click on **Printer Name** in title bar to sort printers alphabetically 
 +    * Check label on printer ​for appropriate printer name 
 +    * All printers ​on campus follow this established naming convention.  
 +  * A list of all campus printers can be found [[printer_locations|here]] 
 +  * If the printer you want is not listed select **The printer that I want isn’t listed** 
 +  * Enter in the printer name you wish to add in the format \\printvs02\printername and select next 
 +  * Select **Finish** 
 +===Other Printing Needs=== 
 +For any other printing inquiries, including [[printer_locations|printer locations]] and [[off_domain_printing|off domain printing]], see [[printing|the printing page]]. 
 + A list of classrooms and conference rooms with built in capability can be found [[projectors_campus|here]]. For any other AV inquires, see [[av|here]].
 ===== One Card ===== ===== One Card =====
-Accessing the One Card Transaction System Olin community members are now able to more conveniently add funds to their Dining Dollar account ​through the Web.+Accessing the One Card Transaction System Olincommunity members are now able to more conveniently add funds to their Dining Dollar account. 
 +See [[one_card_web_site|here]] for more detail. 
 +===== Portal===== 
-https://​onecard.olin.edu/+My.olin.edu ​is our portal and works as a college wide resource for access to many of our sites and information. ​   The Olin portal contains links and hand outs from financial services, human resources, campus directory information,​ calendaring information and many other  necessary information on our campus. ​ Just sign onto the portal using your Olin network credentials,​ network username and password. ​  You will find user friendly information about helpful tools posted on the portal, and requests for additional information or access can be sent to helpdesk@olin.edu. ​
-See the IT web site-documentation web services for further ​detail+===== Room Scheduling ===== 
 +Ad Astra Scheduler has been made available through ​the portal, via single sign-on.  Accessing the system via the portal is the preferred method of requesting rooms. ​ For further ​information and instructions on reserving rooms, please log on to the portal at http://​my.olin.edu 
 + and choose the Our Community Tab