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Accessing non Olin domain systems from an Olin domain computer

:!: PLEASE DO NOT remove your computer from the OLIN.EDU domain as it will result in your cached profile becoming inaccessible. This will happen if you change the domain name or change the system to be in a workgroup. Adding your computer back to the OLIN.EDU domain can only be performed by IT staff while the system is on campus. You can access resources on different workgroups or domains without changing your computer's domain membership.


  • The name of the system/computer you’re attempting to connect to.
  • A local username and password on the system you're attempting to connect to


  • A domain username and password for the domain the system is a member of

There are several ways to do this, particularly if you wish to keep a (semi)permanent connection to the system, however we will demonstrate the simplest method here.

  • Open a windows explorer window
  • In the address line, simply enter
    followed by the system name and hit enter
    • ex; \\systemname.
  • You should be prompted to enter a username and password
  • Enter the username in this format
    • –systemname\username

or for a local system account

  • –domainname\username
  • Enter the corresponding password

for a different domain user account

  • If authenticated successfully, you should see available system resources