Common Issues and Fixes

Network Connectivity

National Instruments (Labview) broke my Internet!

NI has their own article addressing this issue.

I can't get to network shares but I can get to the internet.

You are likely connected to the OLIN VISITOR, OLIN DEVICES, or OLIN ROBOTICS wireless instead of an internal wireless network like OLIN.

Why is the OLIN wireless network performing so slow in windows?

More than likely the roaming aggressiveness is not set high enough. To correct this issue perform the following: Right click on my computer then select “Manage” under “Computer Management” select device manager. Next find your wireless network card under network adapters on the right hand panel. Right click on the device and select properties, next choose the advanced tab from the upper tab options. scroll down to the “Roaming Aggressiveness” option and verify it is on option “4 =. Medium - High” This is the best option for Olin's network. It is not advised or desirable to select the highest option as this will cause roaming to quickly.

I just changed my password and now I can't get Online/my Email doesn't work/my laptop still uses my old password.

Wire your laptop into any Ethernet port (Computer Lab, Your Dorm or IT) and reboot the laptop. In addition, reenter your new password into any mobile device you have that talks to Olin Email or wifi. For a more exhaustive explanation, please see our password change guide and our password information article.


Outlook Web Application (OWA) issues using new Internet Explorer v11 (IE11)

Use compatibility mode. Reference info in email section of wiki

Outlook constantly prompts for my password!

This typically occurs because Outlook 2010 requires you re-validate your email credentials because your network connection has changed. This can occur going from wired to wireless, sleep/hibernate to being On or switching between wifi networks.
:!: Please note that Outlook automatically enters your username incorrectly as your email address. You will have to change the username field to your UPN; “” (where username is your Olin network username).


Adobe Acrobat Pro fails to load when opening .pdf documents.


I have an E6420 and my Windows desktop looks weird/Windows Aero doesn't work/Solidworks or other graphically intensive applications don't run well.

Ensure that both your integrated Intel Graphics adapter as well as your Nvidia discrete graphics card both have the correct driver installed and not a default Windows driver.

All drivers for your system can be found at \\fsvs01\Applications\Public\Dell\Latitude\E6420\E6420_64bit or alternativley via the Dell Support Website.

I have Windows and Ubuntu, and I shrank Windows to give Ubuntu more space, but I can't resize my Ubuntu partition