General Security Information

Account info and passwords:

  1. Never share your username and password for any system
  2. IT will never ask for your password!
  3. When in doubt, refer to item #1

Install Antivirus software on all your systems

  • Antivirus software should be installed on all your systems, including Macs and smart phones.
  • All Olin systems distributed via the Help Desk should already have Symantec Endpoint Protection installed.
  • Our current Symantec Education bundle allows free home use licensing for all Faculty and Staff; contact the IT Help Desk for details.

• Ensure that installed antivirus software checks for and updates definitions daily

Email and Phishing:

  • Be suspicious of all unsolicited email
  • Don't open attachments from strangers
  • Configure your email client to not automatically download images – manually download them after verifying the message and who it's from

Here are some useful articles re: phishing and ransomware: