Olin IT will never ask you for your username and password

Any messages you receive asking you for any username & password, account credentials, network credentials or anything related is Spam and should be marked as junk/spam in your mailbox.

Additionally, be sure of web links before you click on them and be particularly suspicious of any messages that

  • Require urgent attention to prevent a password or service from expiring
  • Requires a password change but isn’t addressed from someone in the IT department or a known service account
  • Contain links to non-Olin systems/domains/services. Keep in mind that actual links can be hidden – hover (don’t click) your mouse over the link to identify the destination
  • Contain links to a website we’ve never used and/or promoted previously
  • Just don’t seem appropriate

Any incident where anyone gives out account information will have very negative consequences for the entire Olin community; the most direct being that it will negatively impact our email services. You would see email delivery issues as our servers would identified as sources of spam and phishing messages, which may take days to eliminate.

Olin account passwords expire every 180 days with email notifications beginning 14 days prior to your account’s password expiration and followed by regular reminders. Your password expiration should never be a surprise or an urgent matter if you pay attention to, and act on, our legitimate notifications.

If you have any questions and/or concerns, please let me know.