Enabling Presenter View for Confidence Monitor

NOTE: Presenter View can only be enabled for use on the confidence monitor with the integrated lectern computer. Laptop computers will only display presenter notes on their internal screen if configured for Presenter View.

On the integrated lectern computer in the Norden Auditorium:

  • Right-click on any blank space on the lectern computer's desktop and select Screen Resolution from the context menu that comes up
  • A new window will open showing you the current appearance of displays
  • There will be four dropdown boxes with titles Display, Resolution, Orientation & Multiple displays
  • Change the Multiple Displays dropdown box to Extend these displays
  • The screen will flicker for a moment and then you will have a confirmation box asking if you would like to keep the change you have just made, click Keep Changes
    • If you do not click Keep Changes within 15 seconds the display settings will revert to the original settings
  • Tap the touch screen to minimize the preview window and return to the Crestron Controls
  • On the right hand side of the screen below Select PC Output to Monitor press the Desktop button on the touchscreen

To revert changes to their original configuration, change the Multiple displays dropdown box in the display settings back to Duplicate these displays